Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Summer School

I'm teaching a summer class in a very urban area for high school kids. To say that it's a "not great" area would be an understatement. It's definitely a new experience but I think it's just great. The course is designed to support the kids all through high school and ultimately send them to college. I feel very strongly about giving all kids a chance.

The kids are certainly interesting.

There's a girl that spent the past week and a half complaining loudly that she's tired, bored, doesn't feel well, doesn't like this class, etc. This morning she sits up and announces "I'm gonna start being good in this class now and actually paying attention. I just had to feel you out first." Gotta love the honesty.

There's also a group of 16 & 17 year old boys that may have some sort of betting going on. The winner gets $1, but everyday they argue over whether the winner is the one that gets the first question right or the most questions right. Soon they get so caught up in competing for the right answer (and working quite hard) that they forget all about the bet. I love it.

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