Monday, July 30, 2012

New vistaprint order

Ordered these return address labels today from Vistaprint. The ones I ordered of course actually has my info on them.

I plan on having kids stick them inside their notebooks/folders so that they always have my contact information and the class website address.  I ended up getting 280 of them for free and only had to pay $4.58 for the 7 day shipping (the 7 day shipping was actually cheaper than the 14 day shipping..go figure).

What have you made from Vistaprint recently?

[Update: Ordered these on a Monday, got them on Friday.  Vistaprint is awesome]


  1. You know, it took me forever to realize what you are using this for. Very nice :)

    I'm designing my magnet as we speak <3

  2. I saw an awesome pin on pinterest where someone made the free 250 business cards. They then bought cheap magnets at Michaels that were the same size as an index card and applied them to the back! Great for on the kids fridge at home! :)


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