Sunday, July 8, 2012

I like to make lists

Some things about me

  • I like things neat, and organized and pretty.  I've been called crazy and I'm perfectly fine with it.
  • I love teaching and my students.  I genuinely love going to work in the morning.  It makes me sad that there are so many teachers that do not feel the same way.
  • I've been a middle school teacher for the past six years.  Next year I'll be teaching 9th graders and I'm so excited.
  • I love interactive notebooks.  They have truly changed the way that I teach for the better. I think they can and should be used in all subjects.
  • Target is the best store ever.  If I could only shop at one place for the rest of my life, I would choose Target without even having to think about it.
  • I went to college planning on being an elementary school art teacher.  I ended up pretty much the exact opposite: a secondary math teacher.
  • When I win the lottery I will open my own school and fill it with tons of fabulous teachers that are excited to be there and students that need fabulous teachers.
  • I need coffee to be fully awake in the morning.  I also need more coffee to stay awake past 2pm.  I recently got a gold card with my name printed on it from Starbucks.  This made me more excited than it probably should have.
  • I love the beach. Someday I will have a beach house that I will live at during the summer.
  • I have the coolest dog ever.

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    1. Hi, I just found your blog this evening through Pinterest. Even though I'm not a teacher, OR a student your blog has me hooked!

      I'm enjoying reading your different posts and seeing how many ideas you have and use in the classroom and how much you LOVE being a teacher.


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