Sunday, July 8, 2012

Classroom Tour

Welcome to my classroom.  I love color and I love organizined things.

This is as my students named it my "office area." There's a lot going on, but
I assure you that I know where everything is.

This is where I keep a lot of frequently used supplies.  Students have access 
to most of these things so it's extra important that everything has a specific spot 
that it belongs in to avoid clutter.

Entry.  Graphing calcs are kept in hanging shoe organizers for students to
grab right as they walk in.

I use the SmartBoard most of the time, so this whiteboard is for
objectives, reminders, and other resources.

This September I'll be in a different school.  While I was happy with how this room was set up, I'm looking forward to starting again with a blank canvas.  I already have a bunch of ideas and I'll be sure to take before/during/after pictures to document everything.

A couple of this things I'm most looking forward to in the new room are having windows that actually open and having my own laptop cart. :)

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