Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Math Teacher Fail.

Went to FedEx Office (formerly known as Kinko's) with the intention to enlarge this quote (which started out on a regular sized piece of computer paper) to be the same height as the poster.  Even more embarrassing is that I even went there armed with a little piece of paper where I did my "calculations" on how much to enlarge it.  Uh...so yeah, I suppose I'll try again tomorrow when I'm not as tired as I was today.

I will however, save this picture and "calculations" and use it in school sometime.  Great problem for the kids to figure out and an added bonus is that they always love to hear stories about me doing silly things or making mistakes..gotta love 'em.

[Update]: Haha I should perhaps title this "double fail" because someone just noticed that I also misspelled the work believing (I blame no spell check in photoshop!).  Definitely a sign that I need a re-do on this one.  Opps!!


  1. I hope I'm not too late. It should be believing.

    1. Hahahaha thanks so much!! I didn't even notice that (no spell check in photoshop). I think that combined with the size mistake means I just need to print another one. Spelling is definitely not a particular strength of mine.

  2. Where did you get the great poster of Einstein? I would love to have it in my classroom.

  3. it's from Michael's...and I used a 40% off coupon :)

  4. I really love your blog! Great ideas! One thing...this quote is not Einstein...it's a fake :/


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