Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Another Classroom Post

Spent some more time in my classroom yesterday.  It drives me crazy when I know something like this needs to be done so I can't stay away.  Slowly but surely it's starting to look better.  

So it seems that my room has decided it wants to be orange.  I've even decided to write this post in orange in honor of my room.  About a month ago I was in a thrift shop and found a roll of striped orange wall paper for $2.50 and I had to get it.  A little later I fell in love with a rug in Home Goods and it is also orange. Then I enter my room and [most of] the chairs are orange.  Oh and I realized today that the school colors are black and orange.  So when I went to get paper for the front bulletin boards I just embraced it and went with orange and did white borders.  It's bright, but don't worry...I'm going to make it all come together and look awesome.

Top picture from Monday, bottom picture from Tuesday

What I did in this area:
  • Hung a poster, some signs, my clock, and some stuff on the board.
  • Covered the bulletin board...that's some bright orange, right?
  • Covered the front of my desk with new contact paper that I found at Marshall's.  (picture below shows it a little better)

It's a subtle dark brown/white pattern.
Didn't do too much up here but make it orange.

I also spent some time in this back corner.
Left picture from Monday, right picture from Tuesday.

This is what I did:

  • Used my new Marshall's contact paper to cover the drawers of the filing cabinets.  The top two drawers will hold previous ISN papers.
  • Added the two baskets to be used for writing folders for one of my classes that is focusing on answering open-ended questions (not doing ISNs with them).
  • Hung these posters.  Also I fixed the quote poster which had a typo and was the wrong size. 
I plan to use these two boards to hang the smart goal resolutions that I plan to do.  I'd also like to hang a sheet of white board over the chalkboard back here.  The resolution sign is also bugging me because I think it's too small.  It's killing me though to redo it since I already laminated it and don't want to pay to redo it.  I definitely need a way to not make it look so tiny.

And the good news is that this small pile is the only boxes that still need to be unpacked!  Definitely an improvement from the huge pile that was here.

There is also a ton of books that are being relocated to a book room so it will look much better when that is taken care of.  They are all stacked on desks taking up a lot of space so I'm going to wait until next week to go back in hopes they've been moved.  Next on my list is putting the desks into tables, actually hanging things on walls and getting my desk and cabinets organized.  I'm also looking forward to putting down my rug, but I'm going to wait until everything else is done.

The next classroom post will be when everything is all done. :)

Interested in checking out the progress?
Classroom Part 1        Classroom Part 2


  1. Looking good! What about putting a bright color paper behind the "Resolutions" banner so that it will pop off the wall a bit more?

    1. Oh good idea..I do have plenty of orange paper


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