Friday, August 3, 2012

ISN Supplies

My students have supplies that are kept in baskets on their tables at pretty much all times.
Each basket contains the following items:
  1. Scissors (one for each kid)
  2. Handheld tape dispensers  (one for each kid )
  3. Highlighters (I buy three packs of 12 and each table gets 6 different colors)
  4. Scientific calculators  (one for each kid )
  5. Rulers  (one for each kid )
  6. Small trash can
The trash can is the only thing that isn't technically in the basket, but there is one on each table any day that we cut something.

Some people don't keep that many supplies in the basket because it gets messy or unorganized or lost.  I would prefer to have everything there so I am just very diligent in training my kids.  Each thing has a specific spot and no one leaves the room until EVERYTHING is where it needs to me.  My kids learn quickly that I'm a hyper organized person and there's no point fighting me on the issue.

These are all things that I have in the room but I only put into the baskets (or use) as needed:
  • glue sticks
  • crayons
  • markers (thick and thin)
  • colored pencils
  • colored computer paper

Once I actually get all of my school stuff out of the boxes it's all in I will post a picture of what my organized supply baskets look like.


  1. I'm taking the trash can idea :) I forgot you did that!

    1. Oh yeah..I couldn't stand the 5 minute slowww walk to the garbage to throw out every. little. paper.

  2. That trash can just solves SO many problems! I need to think of one for trash and one for re-cycling; a small trash one would really help cut down on the pencil sharpener trips and mess!

    1. It definitely does..the constant getting up drives me crazy so now they have less of an excuse. Trash & recycling is a good idea!

  3. What kind of notebooks do you ask students to buy? I have had previous math teachers require students purchase a 5 start 5 subject notebook that they keep all year long.
    Thank you for all of the details and ideas on your blog - super helpful..

    1. I don't make them buy any certain brand, I'm just grateful if they get what they need. This year I bought it all and plan to have them reimburse me if they don't want to go to the store themselves

  4. Im teaching middle school, and i have like 100 students, in your experience, its more easy that they bring their own supplies or i need to have it for each group.

  5. I thought of asking the students to bring a sandwich bag that they can use as their trash bag. I thought I was the only one who hate kids going to the trast can


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