Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Teacher Binders

Instead of one, I keep two separate "teacher binders" with all my of my info in them that I may need to have on hand.

Seating Charts & Attendance
The smaller and more used of the two looks like this.  I made the cover in photoshop and the binder is a small flexible 1/2" binder.  This binder is solely for my seating charts, homework and attendance.

Inside, I have five (one for each class) sheet protectors with divider tabs.  The sheet protectors have my current seating charts.  Behind each seating chart is a homework chart followed by attendance sheets.  I have these things in their own small binder because I use them every period and I don't need to carry around all my other stuff.  Also some of the other stuff is more private and this binder is usually all over the place so I wouldn't want it to accidentally end up in the wrong hands.  It's never happened yet, but it's better to be safe.

Student Records
The second is a 1" more sturdy binder.  This one stays on a shelf behind my desk, but still has stuff I need to refer to often.  

Inside here I have the following:

  • parent contact log
  • discipline log
  • extra help log
  • record of grades (every mid MP and MP grade)
  • old homework logs (only the current one stays in the other binder)
  • 9th grade course recommendations
  • state testing scores
  • previous year math final grade
The majority of these things could be looked up my computer and usually I'm all about that (no paper gradebook here...never had one, never plan to) but when going to a parent meeting or for parent conferences or to even talk with students it's easier for me to have this binder.

Thinking about starting a Teachers Pay Teachers store and offering things like my posters from yesterday and things like this..maybe even personalizing them?  Like a bell schedule with your times on it or these binder covers with your name on it.  Thoughts?


  1. I like the idea of 2 separate binders...Often, I put the seating charts straight into the sub folder and refer to them from inside there. I want to make a more detailed sub binder for this year and want to keep the seating charts in there.

    1. I need to make a more detailed sub folder too. I've never really put anything in there and instead just leave it all in the note. I usually just leave a note to find my seating charts in this binder, they change so often that I was never good at updating the sub folder every time I changed seats.

  2. Seems like such a simple idea but I never thought of it on my own (I have zero organizational skills), so thanks for sharing!!!
    Also, I would definitely buy your posters so I vote yes, create a store! I've been very impressed with your posts and would be thrilled to have the option to buy your products!

    1. Thanks! I think the store may be coming soon, there's a lot you can get off of the stuff I post here but I thought the store might give me a chance to offer things that are better quality for printing or custom things. Hopefully I'll get it going soon.

  3. Oh, please open a TPT store! You have some great ideas. I have zero organizational skills and very little imagination/creativity. I would love it if you had some things on TPT!!!


  4. thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with me



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