Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Teacher Style

This post is all about something that everyone thinks about everyday..what to wear!  Kate from To The Square Inch posted a linky party the other day about teacher style the other day that I thought was fun.  

If I could sum up my "teacher style" into one word it would absolutely be comfort.  I'm usually quite tired in the morning and usually just want to wear whatever is comfortable.  

These are my best friends.  Even right now this picture makes me wish that it was fall so I could wear them.  I seriously wear these to school allllll the time.  

These are some of my Pinterest school outfit faves at the moment.

As a whole, this is something that looks like me.  Easy & comfy.  I'm actually currently on the hunt for a denim jacket that I like so this exact outfit just may happen.


This is another one that's very basic and me.

I love all of these and want to recreate them all.  Very into stripes right now.
one   two   three

I've also been enjoying maxi skirts/dresses for work too since they look put together while being super comfortable.
one   two   three

And of course my favorite days at work are jeans days!

What about you? What is your teacher style?
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  1. Thanks so much for joining in! I seriously cannot say enough good things about your blog. I am LOVING it.
    ☼ Kate
    To The Square Inch


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