Thursday, August 2, 2012

ISN Resource Guide

I was asked today where I find my ideas and resources on interactive notebooks and foldables and was at a loss because either I come up with them myself, or I just happen upon them on Pinterest or reading blogs.  I don't, however, know of one interactive notebook resource go-to spot.

I know that some awesome people have compiled lists of education blogs and pinterests and twitters and some that are just specific to math but I want one that is specifically for ISNs.  This is where I need some help!

I want a list of the best ISN blogs and pinterest boards you know of.  When you're looking for ideas, where is it that you go??  I have a ton myself, but I am sure that if we put or efforts together there are more.  If you have an ISN blog or pinterest board that you think is awesome would you please consider adding it to my google doc list using the form below?  Pretty pleaseeee?

I know this one might be a little tougher, but I would really like to compile as many subject areas as possible.  I always preach that ISNs can be used in any subject (which I 100% believe) but I would like to be able to follow this up with some specific ideas for other subjects.

ISNs can be really overwhelming at first so I want to put together almost a "how-to get started guide" with everything someone would need to know and do and who they should follow to continue getting ideas.

Thank you soooo much, if the form below isn't working you can also click here.


  1. This is awesome. I don't think I will be using INB this upcoming year (new class to worry about) but I am thinking I'll use it the year after. This guide will be super helpful. Thanks for putting it together!

    1. Thanks! Even if you aren't ready to jump fully into ISNs yet, there are still plenty of ways to incorporate an idea here or there and tape it into a binder or you could even have them keep a clear sheet protector in there to store foldables in.

  2. So- have you gotten much feedback on this post? If so, where are you compiling the list of awesome ISN resources? I can't get enough of these ISN blogs!!!


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