Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Supply baskets yet again & a peek at the classroom

Ok last post on my ISN supply baskets.  I unpacked some more today and found the things that go in them.  This is pretty much what they always look like, except that 5 calculators go in there instead of just one.

I am usually on the lookout for cheap small containers so I can use them for things like this.  These were no exception:

  • Calculator container: $1 each
  • Highlighter container: 2/$1
  • Tape container: 2/$1 (target has these right now in colors- dollar spot)
  • Scissor container: 3/$1 (from target last week- dollar spot

So you may be thinking sure that looks neat now, but it would never stay that way.  Like I said before, it stays this way because there's no other option if they want to ever leave my room.  One kid per group is in charge of keeping it this way and that is their sole responsibility and I make sure they take it seriously.  This also goes along with my theory of organizing which is that there needs to be a specific place for everything.  Since every item has a specific spot that it belongs in, it takes like 2 seconds to clean everything up.

Just for fun here's a couple bad phone pics of what my room looks like right now..

Needless to say I have a lot of work to do...


  1. Thank you for posting the pics of your classroom because now I feel normal!

    1. Haha..yeah school doesn't start for a month for me so although it's killing me, there really is still plenty of time and no need to rush :)

  2. Hi Sarah,

    I really like so many things and ideas you have provided on your blog. As a second year teacher, I'm eager to get my system organized. I thrive on organization and it makes me a calmer person, too. I teach 8th grade math, and I really push for student engagement. Last year was a good year, but I'm ready to make some changes. I will be using so many of your ideas because I really like your teaching style. I'm fair, but very firm. My firmness comes from the procedures and expectations. I plan to follow your first week lesson plan and start instruction on Monday. I'm somewhat concerned that I'm not reviewing the rules, expectations, and procedures until Thursday. How do you address the issues prior to that time? I want to be sure they understand my class is a place for productivity right from the start, so I'm concerned with waiting until the fourth day to address the rules, etc. I do plan to post the classroom expectations on my bulletin board, so I think about referencing the poster and then let them know we will go into details about classroom expectations later in the week. Thoughts?

    1. Thanks! I'm glad that I can help. I think that referencing the rules on the wall and then referring to them should be good, but if you're hesitant about that you can always choose an earlier day to go over the policies. I usually find that while they're not angels the first couple days, they aren't terrible so I just let things slide for a few days. It also gives me an opportunity to observe them a little bit "rule free" so that I can get an idea of who they are and what they'll try to get away with. It helps me to make the first seating arrangements up and also figure out how lenient I can be with each class.


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