Sunday, September 2, 2012

I guess Staples is back on my good side...for now

Kinda short post today on some fun things I picked up from Staples yesterday.  Now I've been avoiding Staples because I don't like their new policy of not raising the limit for teachers so I was only going there for something very specific.

These pens are my favorite-
and they're one thing that I buy and consider a splurge because it's like $17 for 8 pens.  I really do use them until they completely run out of ink though so I consider them worth it.  I will give in and buy the colored ones once all my old ones run out, but for the black ones I've started buying Staples brand because they are a little cheaper and work almost as well (I can totally tell the difference, but I can deal with it).

So I'm in the aisle with the Staples brand black pens that I came for and a lady next to me tells her kid that he needs to get Uniball pens because that's what she has a 50% off coupon for.  Whatttt?!  I couldn't help it and had to ask her where she got that awesome coupon.  She said it was on the Staples website so I found it on my phone and was so excited to get the pens I really wanted for half off.  I also hit up another Staples later in the day and got the colored ones too.  

Twelve new pens for half off is a really exciting day for me.

The rest of these items were also picked up during my Staples trips yesterday and are also exciting for me.

Half size notepads that will fit perfectly on my half size clipboards.  One that is for planning projects and ones that is for making to do lists.  Each one was $1.  Love it.

I have a weakness for post it notes.  Maybe this week I'll show off my desk drawer that contains my post-it collection that are all organized according to size.  These are post it notes that are also a sandwich.  One ham & cheese (four separate and different stacks of post-its- bread, ham, cheese, bread) and one grilled cheese (bread, cheese, bread).  Each $1.  You should be impressed that I didn't buy more.  I mean there's even grill marks on the bread.  I can't even stand it.

Next to the grilled cheese is a pack of three baby legal pads that are adorable.  Also $1.

I guess I'm not that angry with Staples anymore.  They may have won me back a little bit with today's purchase...maybe.

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