Thursday, September 27, 2012


I said yesterday that when I collected ISNs this week that many of them had no name on them.  I said that I wanted them to put their names on the cover somewhere but I guess I didn't stress it enough.  The good news is onces the covers are set up, the kids know which ones are theirs so it's not like they can get mixed up.  Last year I also had the kids write their name and class period on the first page and then put on there whatever they wanted to.  I didn't have them do that this year for a couple reasons.

One was time- I wanted to get started.  The other reason was that I really didn't what to put there.  I could have done the same thing as last year, which is honestly what I had planned on doing eventually. Instead I decided to do something different.

I had seen the idea before of creating "fakebook" pages as a way of getting student information and gotten a couple different copies from people.  I also remembered hearing of people having kids make math autobiographies which I liked.  I had already collected student info using an google docs survey and I really didn't want to turn this into something major so I took a couple of the ideas and created a timeline version that I think is cute.

The one that I used is slightly different because I included some information that only really pertains to my school.  This copy is editable so you can make it what you want.  I thought this gave me some good insight into a couple things and didn't take too long to do.

To put it into their notebooks, I printed it at 80% so it pretty much fills up the whole first page.  They can draw a picture up in the banner if they want to.

I also created three different versions: one with room to draw/add a profile picture, one with a boy silhouette, and one with a girl silhouette so there are some options.

I uploaded all these as word documents so that they are completely editable so that you can add whatever questions you would like.  If anyone uses this as is, or changes it around so it works better for you I'd love to hear about it.


  1. my wife made some of these at the start of school (after seeing it on Pinterest I'm sure) ... I think she made them from scratch and I had her change it to 'fakebook' (the obvious pun) ... I'll be modifying your's for my use soon since it use the 'timeline' format

    1. Cool! I stole the idea too from a couple other teachers and just modified it. I thought it would be fun to change it to the timeline format since things are changing over on facebook
      I also had a kid comment that they liked the "fakebook" name :)


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