Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Supply Bins

I am finally starting to unpack stuff in my new classroom so I thought I would post a quick update on the supplies I use for my ISNs since I came across it all today.  The pictures are all phone pictures so they're not wonderful, but they're good enough to get the idea.

These are the supply baskets I use during the school year for my tables.  Each table has one and when they are not being used they live on the shelf here.  They are all numbered so each table always has the same basket.  When on the shelf they even need to be all in order like the picture below because I'm crazy like that.

The baskets clearly have open tops so everything is within reach.  I also keep smaller dollar store plastic containers inside each one so everything stays organized.  This is one of the situations where I just spend the time teaching the kids how I want them to look and the kids are able to keep them neat.  They know me well enough to know that I'm crazy organized so it's pointless to fight me on the issue.  Their life is easier if they just keep the baskets neat.

I also mentioned before that I keep garbage cans on the tables.  This is a big help in keeping things neat and keeping kids in their seats.  They never have to get up to go throw something out and they don't leave paper scraps or anything in the supply baskets.  I got these from 5 below last year for like $2 each or something I think.

I thought I would also share what I'm currently doing for supplies with my summer class.  These containers have a top that locks on.  I can't leave anything in the room that I teach in so I needed something that was portable.  Consequently these don't stay as neat as my during the year ones, but they work fine.  All the supplies are really just thrown in there (I cleaned this one up a bit to take the picture).  In here is scissors, tape, highlighters, protractors, and a ziplock bag with crayons.  Even when we use the crayons the kids have been really good about putting them all away before they go.

Again with this, it isn't that my kids are phenomenal it's just that I don't make cleaning up an option.  They don't do it or they don't leave.

Inside the container

Container with the lid on
As I unpack more stuff I plan to set up the baskets so I can show exactly what they look like with all the supplies inside.  I'm also really loving an idea I found on Pinterest where you keep a photograph there so I think that I'll probably include this on the side so it's crystal clear what I want them to look like.

For anyone that is unsure about giving the kids supplies like this (open or closed containers) just don't give them a choice about keeping everything clean.  If you say that the supplies will disappear, don't let it happen.  If you need to, it only takes a couple seconds to walk around and do a quick check at the end of the period to make sure everything is there.  Do it enough times and the kids will learn.

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