Friday, August 25, 2017

Geometric Transformation Notes

This is one that I've had around for awhile but never shared it since I didn't find it all that unique. It is something that I use every year though so thought I'd share. I think it's a good basic page of notes for geometric transformation. 

One disclaimer though is that I don't have any pictures of it all filled in. I'll do my best to describe what goes into each. Something interesting about these files too is that I think they do a good job of showing the direction I've moved with the way I use ISNs (a word I even hesitate to use anymore- but that's a much longer story for another time) and the notes I give. There's a lot less focus on fancy foldables, and fill in the blanks, and things of the like. I've been spending far more time trying to focus on big picture ideas and understanding the major concepts behind how things work. 

These notes are along those lines. There are four, one for each type of transformation. Each is a pretty big idea and is more than one day's worth of work. Usually we'll fill in different pieces on different days, definitely never a whole class period of note taking. 

My favorite part of these and what I spend a lot of time on is the last panels. In the top section I have give kids an already done transformation and we measure different parts and focus on the relationships that exist within each transformation. The pictures below are a bit of what types of things we'll record there.

This one isn't the same picture from the file, but this is the idea of what I'd write in that section.

Then after that, I have the kids try their hand at constructing a transformation themselves. I really like this because they've all done transformations on the coordinate plane but this is usually new to them. For me, we don't get super accurate but you definitely could. In translating and reflecting they do their best to get their lines parallel. It doesn't work out well for them all but I think they get the idea well enough and also shows that when all those conditions aren't perfect you won't get a perfect copy. My sketching skills are way better so they can see that when you get the conditions right you will get a good copy.

Once I get back to school and to my notebooks I'll try to update this with filled in copies of these, but I also like that they're open to your own interpretation of important information to include.

Download: pdf    ppt


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