Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Course Guide

This is a super old post that for some reason I never published. I do still use this as my syllabus posted on my website. I also still use the one black and white version for the kids' notebooks.  So while it's it's an old post it's still relevant. 

Old post:

Last summer I revised my syllabus into this one page course guide which I really like. Well I came across this awesome syllabus on Pinterest and which made me want to revamp mine yet again. 

In the past I've always made different versions for my different courses but really my class policies and information is the same in all my courses so I decided to take that out and just make it a general information sheet on the highlights.

In the tweet below, Rob Patin shares the Photoshop template he used to create his original version.

I discovered this far too late and it could have made my work in recreating this way easier, but oh well. Below is what I came up with. All the information is my own except for the section on Remind101, that is taken from the original. I loved pretty much everything about it so I didn't change all that much.

I also use Photoshop to create almost everything I make but in case you don't have Photoshop, I included a basic template below that I think should be pretty easy to use. It's saved as an image so you can put it into whatever program you use. Easiest I think would be to put it into Powerpoint and then just put text boxes on top of it to type whatever you want. I included one version with the pictures I used and one without if you'd like to add your own.

download here

download here

I don't think that I really want to print color copies of these to put into the kids' notebooks so most likely this will be for my website and possibly one to hang up in the room somewhere. Many thanks to Rob Patin for the awesome idea!


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