Saturday, August 2, 2014

More Quote Posters

The last thing I need is more posters in my classroom but I keep finding sayings I like and I can't help it. These two are designed to match the last set I made.

I think I keep making posters because it's that time of summer where I have classroom decorating on my mind. Especially so since I'm in the process of moving my classroom.

It is currently a disaster and looks like this: 

Fun fact..this will be my 9th year of teaching and between moving schools and just having being moved around, I have never spent more than 2 years in the same classroom. You'd think I'd have a way to make this process easier but no. Thankfully this room is right around the corner from my old room. The summer I had to move everything downstairs and across the building was not a good time. Between teaching and this project it'll be a very busy last month of summer.

1 comment:

  1. Love the wall of windows! There is a lot of natural sunlight coming into your classroom, and from your pictures it looks like a pretty big room. I bet it will look great when you are done with it.


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