Thursday, August 21, 2014

How to Learn

Last week I posted some ideas for a bulletin board I was working on and want to thank everyone who gave me their opinion. I was really deciding between the last two and overwhelmingly most people liked the last one, which was what I was leaning towards. It had been titled "What is Standards Based Grading?" but I loved Sarah Hagan's title of "How to Learn Math." In my class making the switch to SBG has felt more of a change in the way we learn instead of just a change in how I grade. 

So up on the bulletin board I had this:

And I didn't love it. I liked the colors and the scribbled kind of look on the poster but didn't love it up on the wall. It's not horrible but I wasn't in love.

So I reprinted- bigger and got rid of the colors. So this is where I ended up:

I liked that the different colors showed different parts of the reassessment/practice cycle but the layout does a good enough job at doing that. So that's it!


for the arrows I just grabbed a couple pieces of black card stock and freehanded those with a pair of scissors and the title letters are these


  1. Love the new look! Question for you. Why don't you have an arrow from quiz to demonstrate mastery? I have lots of students that demonstrate mastery the first time and never reassess the whole year. I may have to steal yet another brilliant idea of yours.

    1. I thought about that but the way I've ben doing SBG is that two 4's equal a 5 (or mastery). So while they may not make mistakes the first time they assess, they do need to assess at least twice. I tell them that they need to prove they know the skill and then prove that they remember the skill.

    2. Gotcha. We are doing SBG this year, but our only three Report Card Standards are Problem Solving, Precision, and Justification. Every rubric will have those three standards on it. Kind of drives me crazy we aren't using CC content standards. Should be interesting!

  2. What software do you use to make the boxes that go around each set of words?


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