Sunday, January 13, 2013

Thrifting & Crafting

This weekend I took a trip to a local thrift store that a couple kids suggested I check out.  Somehow we got onto the topic of projects and I was telling them about this cute little yardstick box I'd like to make/have them make me.  All I have is brand new yardsticks that say Home Depot all over them though.  Hence the thrift store recommendation.


Isn't that such a cute little box? I realllly want to make it. Unfortunately I found no yardsticks, but I'm  going to keep looking. However, I did find a bunch of other stuff that I've been having fun crafting with all weekend.

These guys will all be making my desk a little bit more cheerful.  I'm not sure which I'm most excited about.

The thing on the left was a magnetic picture frame.  It had a piece of clear acrylic with magnets that stuck to the front of it to put a picture under that I got rid of because it was scratched up.  I spray painted the whole thing (front and back) with gold spray paint and then taped off the back and used chalkboard spray paint on the front.  Simple and now it's a cute little magnetic chalkboard to sit on my desk so I don't have to use a million little pieces of paper to leave myself reminders.

In the back is just a little wood bowl that I sprayed gold.  I was on a gold kick because I also found a big ceramic seashell that I sprayed gold to match in my room.

On the right I took three clear vases and used white enamel paint on the inside.  Really simply too...I just poured in the paint, swirled it around and then flipped them over to dry.  Then I was at Home Depot today for some paint and came across those adorable little succulents.  Each one was only a couple dollars.  They make me happy and I can't wait to put them on my desk tomorrow.  I just hope I don't kill them.


  1. Totally cute, totally awesome, and best of all up-cycled! Love it! I would love to trade you an amazing vintage yard stick for the back piece to make a groovy tray like yours! Woot! Hope you "pinned" all your great treasures and good luck with the succulents.

    1. Oh the tray is not mine! It's a Pinterest find that I realllly want to recreate, but I have no big yardstick :( I'm on a mission to find one. The rest is all mine though :)


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