Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Safari Animals

You know what every good holiday display needs?  Safari animals.  Yep, bet that's not what you were thinking.  Be forewarned, this is the most random post ever.

Yesterday a kid arrives in my room before class starts with about 20 plastic safari animals which he then empties out onto his desk one by one.  Then him and two other boys naturally begin to play with said animals (note: these boys are 16 and 17 years old).

hey I'm just happy they took out their math stuff before they took out the animals

After like a minute of that the animals began to migrate around my room in order to blend in.  Gotta love that after acquiring many plastic toys the kids think to decorate my room with them- I think my love of decorations is wearing off on them.

Now trust me, they were doing work while this was going on.  It's just that I understand that for some of them in particular 45 minutes of sitting in a chair doing work is too much for them to handle.  So as long as they are busy doing good work for the majority of the period I'm ok with them strategically placing animals around as a room is usually a very laid back place unless they cross the line.

I also have a strange sense of humor I guess because I find this hilarious.  Especially because all day today I kept finding them in the most random places and would start laughing every time.

So while this may look like a simply holiday display here, I assure you it's not.

We have a monkey climbing the Christmas tree...

 These guys hanging out with the snowman...

as well as these two...

a shark train swimming up the candy cane...

and all these characters hanging out around the curse jar...

and this creepy guy is hiding out in the back keeping watch from atop my back board.

But the better part is all of the ones I didn't find until today.  This morning I stood on a chair to adjust some things on my (new!) wall mounted projector and came across this guy and his friend.

And keeping watch from my computer is this fellow and his pet hippo.

At the end of the day (just when I thought I had found them all) I went to glance at the thermostat and lo and behold...

The best part, however, is that they move.  So yesterday the armadillo and this really looking scary guy (ram maybe?) have relocated from the bookcase to the Christmas tree on my desk.

Yeah I warned you this was a random post.  But apparently my kids and I have the same weird sense of humor which makes for fun days for us all.

In other news: tons of great math stuff has been going on too...we did a distance, rate, time lab today that I'll probably post about soon :)


  1. That is hilarious! I wish my kids had such a great sense of humor!

    Will Grade For Coffee

    1. Ok I'm glad I'm not the only one that thinks it's so funny. I really did get lucky with these kids :)


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