Wednesday, July 17, 2013

I'm still alive here...

Well I am.  I figured that getting e-mails asking if everything is alright means that it is time to post something here again.  For starters, yes everything is ok.  I had some things happening for the last month of school or so and thought perhaps I'd write about them, but I'm not going to.

This summer has actually been fairly interesting so far.  In past years, I think about school quite a bit.  I spend a bunch of money on school supplies, I try to start planning stuff, I make posters and decorations, and tons of other stuff.  This year when I'm at home I don't even want to think about school.  That has been a main reason things have been quiet over here.  I try to start thinking about school and think about writing posts, but instead I go do something more fun like go sit on the beach, paint rooms in my new apartment or obsessively read the Game of Thrones books...and I don't feel the least bit guilty about it!

So I had a bunch of stuff to say about what was going on at the end of the year, but right now I just don't really feel like thinking about it.  What I will say about it though, is that for the first time in awhile I was actually a little bummed when school was ending.  This year was hands down my favorite year of teaching thus far.  The kids that I had (for the most part) were just so awesome and fun to be around.  The new school that I'm in has been SUCH a breath of fresh air.  I genuinely just had so much fun this year.  I even had a handful of kids that were sad school was ending.  They sat around with me the last week of school talking about how much they like school and how they don't want to stay away for two months.  One thing that was new for me though (since I have taught 8th grade for awhile) is that I get to see my kids again next year.  I may not have them in class again, but they have already made it very clear that they will still be coming around.  On the last day of school I had to assure a couple of them that I will be in my room on the first day of school.  They asked me over and over, just to be sure.  They made it clear that they'll be coming to visit first thing when they get to school in September so I better be there.

So I think that is all for now.  Coming up though, is what I have been working on.  Although I haven't been thinking about school stuff at home, I have been working for the past couple weeks to write our new Common Core curriculum and it's actually been pretty interesting.  I've found a couple things that have been helpful and interesting so I will share them soon.


  1. Glad you are having a good summer and taking a break Sarah. You deserve it! I have missed your blog posts, but school will be starting back up soon enough for all of us. Summer is just flying by.

  2. September??? LOL I have exactly one more week before pre-planning. I'm pretty excited to go back though. I understand what you mean about not wanting to think about school. I did that last summer. It wasn't the smartest idea for me at the time, but I definitely enjoyed my vacation. We all need to break away from time to time.

  3. I am so glad you are back! (Though I understand the need for a break!) I was just telling a fellow teacher that you are my favorite math blogger and I added your blog to the resources I want to share when during our professional development days!


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