Saturday, November 17, 2012

I love labels

My love for labels is strong.  Things that are organized and have labels make me happy.

So probably like 4 years ago Post-It came out with these labels and I wanted them so badly but they were more expensive than I was looking to spend.

Then one day I stumbled upon this gem in the clearance section of Office Max.  $10 for a ton of the colorful labels that I had been eyeing? Done.

Random, but I just had to share these because I use them ALL the time.  They even came in a little ziplock bag.  Love.

I just found this pack online here and it's selling for $28.97 which makes me even way more excited about my $10 price.

I've also seen this Post-it label roll recently and it's on my current wish list.  I'll probably end up with a couple of these guys soon.

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