Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Some things from today

Today I overhead this:
"I was just thinking about it, and this notebook is seriously going to make it so easy to study for finals at the end of the year."

I love stuff like that.

Curse jar update:

  • yesterday- 1 marble
  • today- 2 marbles
  • total count- 18

These numbers are WAY down from last week so that's a really good thing.  One kid has changed to saying "flippin" instead of something worse.  Others are just stopping themselves.  Overall I'm really happy.


It's taken far too long for these to get started.  I keep binders to organize all my lesson plans and papers according to unit.  The cluttered piles of paper in my room were driving me crazy so I finally sat down and organized these.  I will be a much happier person from now on.

I separate the unis with dividers and print out each lesson plan on its own brightly colored sheet of paper.  Behind each lesson plan is all of the things that goes with it.  Things that I don't want to hole punch are stored in sheet protectors.


  1. I would love to see one of your lesson plans you include in your binders! Your ideas are amazing! Love you blog! Would you be willing to share? Acarson@mr238.org

    1. Haha this actually made me laugh. My lesson plans are really nothing spectacular, just a short explanation of what goes on during each period. I can certainly share though, I'll take some pictures and write a post on the binders :)

  2. I would also love to see you lesson plans!!!! Love reading this blog!!!! pettyl@k12tn.net

    1. Haha they're nothing all that special though, just a list of what I do for each day...I'll write a post on this soon! :)

  3. Is your school curriculum based or standards based? Our district is curriculum based. I am new to the teaching world and struggling to figure out how to "implement with fidelity" while still keeping it engaging and personal to my teaching style.


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