Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I'm an addict

I like coffee.  I have a habit where I bring my coffee cups to school everyday and then bring them home on Fridays.  My kids have started to pick up on all the coffee cups I have around and jokingly make fun of me for all the coffee I drink.

This conversation happened today at around 2:00 pm:

student: So how many cups of coffee have you had so far today?

me: 3

student: You've seriously had 3 cups already?

me: Yep, and I'm still feeling tired

another student: What happens if you don't drink coffee?

me: I actually get headaches in the morning when I don't have any

student: Miss, that means you're addicted

me: Yeahhh...I know

student: My teacher is an addict.  Wow, listen to how bad that teacher is an addict.

They seriously crack me up sometimes :)


  1. Very funny but so many of us are addicted to coffee just because we have stay up and running all day long.

    1. Oh indeed, pretty sure I'd be beat by like 2pm without it :)


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